Internal Assessment

20% of the marks in the theory papers are reserved for Internal Assessment based on regular attendance and two written tests conducted during the academic session.

First internal assessment tests are conducted in the last week of September whereas second internal tests are conducted in the last week of November.

Students who do not appear in the internal assessment tests (except those who have sought prior permission from the Principal) shall have to pay a fine of Rs.50/- per subject for re-test.

A student has to pass in the internal assessment and external examination separately.



 Break-up of 20 marks for  subjects having max. 100  marks  Break-up of 30 marks for  subjects having max.150  marks
 First Test  7.5 Marks  11.0 Marks
 Second Test  7.5 Marks  11.5 Marks
 Attendance  5.0 Marks  7.5 Marks


Break-Up of 20 Marks of Attendance

 Break-up of 20 marks for  subjects having max.100 marks  Break-up of 30 marks for  subjects having max.150 mark
 Below 75%  shortage  Shortage
 75 – 80%  2.0 Marks  3.0 Marks
 80.01 85%  3.0 Marks  4.5 Marks
 85.01 90%  4.0 Marks  6.0 Marks
 90.01100%  5.0 Marks  7.5 Marks


80% of the total marks in theory are reserved for external examination. A student is permitted to take the University examination subject to the fulfillment of the following eligibility requirement.
1. The student should have paid the University examination fee at the time of submission of the examination form.
2. He/she should have attended a minimum of 75% of the total lectures delivered during the session in each theory subject.
3. Not more than 30 duties in total shall be given to a student who has participated in sports/NSS/NCC or any other co-curricular activities of the College during the entire session.


The Principal can condone shortage of a student in attendance in each subject up to five lectures.
An outgoing student may obtain the following certificates from the College

1. Provisional Certificate
2. Character Certificate
3. College Leaving Certificate (if a student leaves in mid-session)


1. Certificates shall be issued only after the student produces “No demand Certificate” from all the concerned Departments, Library and Sports section, NCC and NSS.
2. The first copy of the certificate shall be issued free of cost. Duplicate copies shall be issued on payment basis. Payment of Rs. 20/- per certificate shall be charged.