National Cadet Corps came into existence on 16th April, 1948 and aims at developing the quality of character, leadership, courage, discipline, spirit of adventure, secular outlook and ideals of selfless service among the youth and thus make them responsible citizens. It is also meant to evoke interest in the defense of the Nation and to build up a reservoir of man power for the armed forces. At present, the College has an NCC unit (for boys only) with a sanctioned strength of 60, functioning under the supervision of Dr. Tanveer Hussain, Asst. Professor of History.

Rules and Regulations

1)      Every enrolled NCC candidate has to undergo two parades, of two hours each, every week and is required to attend a minimum of 40 parades in a year.

2)      All cadets shall have to put in at least 75% of attendance in parades so as to become eligible for certification examination.

3)      Enrolled cadets shall also have to attend at least one camp.

4)      The uniform shall be issued to the selected cadets and the same is to be returned at the end of the academic session to the officer concerned, failing which the cadet shall not be allowed to appear In the University examination.

5)      B and C certificate examinations are held annually for cadets having two and three years of NCC training respectively.

6)      Misbehavior and misconduct in NCC activities can debar the cadet from appearing in the University examination.

7)      Enrolled cadets are extended insurance cover against any mishap during the training.


The College has one unit of NSS consisting 100 volunteers. The unit functions under a trained Programme Officer. The students have to apply on a prescribed form to enroll with the unit. Students enrolled as NSS volunteers are required to put at least a total of 120 hours of social work in a session, (two hour activity, twice in a week) and attend one camp of 10 days duration to become eligible to receive the certificate. The special camp at University level and a national integration camp are also arranged every year, generally during summer/winter vacation.


Incentive is given to NSS volunteers at the time of admission to PG courses of University of Jammu as well as other institutions as per the following detail:

           Event                                                                               Marks

1)      Participation in international YEP                                          9.0

2)      Participation in RD camp New Delhi

  •       Best NSS Volunteer in the camp                                       7.0
  •       Having only attended the camp                                          5.0

3)      Other

  • Governors Medal                                                                     6.0
  • Certificate of Rendering 120 hours of

social service continuously for 2 years                                           4.0

  • Best volunteer (overall)                                                             6.0
  • First position                                                                           5.5
  • Second position                                                                      5.0
  • Third position                                                                          4.5
  • Participation without securing any position                                4.0

Activities are conducted under the guidance, supervision and control of a trained  NSS Programme Officer,   presently Dr. Tanveer Hussain,  and a committee headed by the Principal as patron.