The College Library has a collection of about 2300 Books. There is a Reading Room attached to the College Library. Several magazines, newspapers and journals are available for the benefit of the students.

Library Rules:

  1. The Library presently observes the same working hours and holidays as the College observes. However, it shall remain open for the students during the winter vacation from 11:30 AM to 03:00 PM.
  1. Every student at the time of borrowing books from the Library shall produce his/her identity card. A student borrowing books from the Library shall be held responsible for any loss of pages or damage of the book and he/she will have to pay fine in addition to the cost of that book.
  1. Students can borrow only one book at a time.
  1. Students must return books taken by them within fifteen days. Any student retaining a book after the allowed time shall have to pay a fine of Re. 1/- per day, until the same is returned,  provided the fine incurred is not more than twice the cost of the book.
  1. The Librarian shall keep a record of the books issued. In the beginning of every month or at the time of realization of dues by the cashier, Librarian shall submit to the office a list of fine imposed on students for returning of books after the permissible time. They shall have to deposit the fine with the College Cashier within seven days of the submission of the list failing which they shall not be allowed to attend the classes.
  1. Books required by teaching staff of the College, if borrowed by any student, must be returned immediately on the receipt of a notice issued by the Librarian.
  1. A student may borrow the book for the second time within two days from the date of its return by him/her.
  1. Any student, who loses/damages a book, shall be liable to pay an amount not less than double the cost of the book. In case a book belongs to a set or series, and unless he/she can replace the same book, he/she shall be liable to pay the cost of the whole set or series.
  1.   Students during their free periods may visit the Library. No talking or disturbance of any kind is allowed in the Library. Any infringement of this rule shall incur punishment/ fine.

10.   Library is only meant for the use of those persons who are     directly or indirectly                     connected with the academic life of the College.  No outsider is allowed entry inside            the    Library.

11.     Books of the following kind shall not be issued:

  • Reference books
  • Periodicals /magazines
  • Dictionaries of prominence
  • Encyclopedia/Census Reports
  • Rare books identified by College Library Committee/Principal.

12.   Periodicals shall not be issued except for consultation in   the   Library premises.

13.       All books shall have to be returned to the Library every year    at the time of stock               checking, especially in April-May. The Librarian  shall submit a report of books found   damaged/missing to the Principal, soon after the stock checking is over.

14.      Sleeping, smoking, chatting, eating and use of mobilephones, etc., are strictly prohibited    in the Library.


  1. Every student on being admitted shall be issued an “Identity Card”. He/ she should keep this card in his/her possession all the time and shall produce the same on being demanded by any member of the College staff in the College premises.
  2. The loss of the identity card should be reported immediately to the College authorities.
  3. After proper verification, a duplicate identity card may be issued on  payment.
  4. Students have to carry their Identity cards with them during tours/picnics/ outdoor activities and inter-collegiate events.
  5. No student shall be allowed to board the College bus without the identity card.